A Fire Within is a testament of surviving attempted murder, sexual assault, domestic violence and substance abuse through an in-depth and candid perspective. The author invites the reader to experience the healing process of an individual who was broken in every way possible emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This book will equip you with skills and provide you with a personal testimony of prosperity and healing.

From brokenness to wholeness, Sherry takes you on a journey that transforms the human soul. Although she has experienced devastating losses, and sudden misfortunes she did not let those experiences deter her from fulfilling her purpose. A purpose that has been filled with insurmountable pain and incredible triumphs that has solidified a strong foundation of integrity, trust in God and ethical standards. Hence, her pursuit to empower the sick and suffering soul and to restore the emotionally wounded has been birthed.

In this book, you will:

  • Discover or rediscover self healing and recovery
  • Discover how to accept your past and present circumstances, in the process of learning to love yourself again, even with scars
  • Identify causes and underlying issues involving substance abuse
  • Learn how to identify warning signs of drug addiction and where to go for help
  • Learn how to break the emotional addictive cycle
  • Understand consequences of teen runaway and some of the impacts of making bad choices
  • Learn how to protect yourself from Bullying
  • Learn how to protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)
  • Learn how to prevent Unplanned Teen Pregnancy
  • Learn how to identify some consequences of dropping out of high school
  • Learn how to develop essentials to healing, self-love, self-care and self-awareness
  • Learn the effects of Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence
  • Acknowledge the warning signs of an abusive relationship
  • Reprogram your negative thinking into positive thinking
  • Discover your purpose, talents and gifts

Book Excerpt
(Chapter 8- Reenactment of the actual fire)

I smoked some of the drug and that is the last thing I remember (Strike-three), I passed out.

“Oh, my God! Oh my God,” I repeated over and over as I pleaded with God for my life. It seemed like all of a sudden I began choking uncontrollably, for some reason I couldn’t breathe. As I tried my best to focus my eyes to what was happening, the only thing I could see was black smoke.  It  was  as  if  my  eyes  were  closed  but  I  knew  they  were  open. Everything was black and red. I panicked! I could not recall where I was, that’s when I realized that something was horribly wrong. All the while the room I was in was quickly filling with thick deadly smoke making it even harder for me to see anything. As my eyes began burning, I tried stretching them as wide as I could, trying to see my surroundings. I felt like I was in a room with psychedelic lighting. Everything seemed so surreal as if I were dreaming. At first I was thinking this can’t be happening to me.

I just remember being in the darkest, scariest place of my entire life. I began to lose touch as the reality sunk in. I could no longer function. At first I couldn’t even comprehend how to get to safety. I was overwhelmed by my fear.  When it really hit me like a ton of bricks all I could do was grab my heart.

“My God I’m in a fire.” Unfortunately, I never had a chance. pg. 53 &54.