Sherry Graves, National Author and Inspirational Speaker

Sherry Graves, MSW, CADC, has over ten years experience working with individuals in the field of mental health and substance abuse. Since changing her life seventeen years ago, she has earned a Master’s degree in Social Work. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). She is an International Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. Sherry is a Certified DUI Clinical Evaluator and Treatment Provider. She previously worked for Drug Court Program(s). She has also worked in Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs as a Substance Abuse Counselor, and she worked at the New York City Department for the Aging, Elderly Crime Victims Resource Center.

These positions allow her to provide mental health and substance abuse counseling services to individuals who have experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, trauma, and substance abuse. Currently she holds the professional position as ‘2012 VIP “Woman of the Year” within the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). Sherry has also won 1st prize at the ‘2012 Impact & Influence Author’s Conference and Author of the Year Award for her book entitled “A FIRE WITHIN-Someone Set the Fire and Left me for Dead”.

Sherry acknowledges how she has found peace and purpose in the hurts of her past. Scars by their very nature imply there’s a story to tell. They represent a wrinkle in time in which a person’s life is changed forever, and they serve as permanent reminders of an incident that, in one way or another, has made a lasting impression on one’s life. Each scar represents a moment in time when something happened to us or through us that we will never forget. Sherry says, I have several scars on my body as a fire survivor, and each has a story to tell. Some people have very painful scars too, but we cannot see them. You know the ones I’m talking about, we all have them. They are the scars on our hearts and in our souls, the scars of rejection, disappointments, the scars of years of abuse and broken dreams.

Sherry says, after reading Sharon Jaynes life-changing book “Our Scars Are Beautiful to God,” she was finally set free from years of living in fear and bondage, hiding myself, from myself and everyone. We receive scars in one of two ways: What has been done to us by other people or what has been done through us by our own mistakes and failures. It was after reading “Our Scars Are Beautiful to God” that I learned that my scars are not something I need to hide or be ashamed of, but rather an invitation to share the healing power of Jesus Christ with a hurting world. For a scar, by its very definition, implies healing (Jaynes, Sharon 2006).

This book inspired me because I had never looked at the wounds in my life as potential treasures. But after digging deeper, and after I pushed aside all the dirt, I discovered the jewels that lie beneath the surface. Like sparkling diamonds, glistening rubies, and shimmering emeralds, my scars are beautiful to God. I was on an amazing journey to finding the peace that I so desperately needed and “purpose in the pain of my past” and when I did, it changed the course of my entire life.

Sherry shares “A FIRE WITHIN,” is so much more than just story about a former drug addict. The beauty in her journey is a testament of her story as a survivor, overcoming addiction and being victorious. Sherry has emerged as a successful, dynamic and powerful woman. In “A Fire Within” she openly shares her personal experiences of crack addiction and how someone set the fire and left me for dead, she talks candidly about being a victim of sexual assault and domestic violence. Sherry says, in sharing my testimony, I am very transparent giving my readers a close up look in the life of a drug addict. I have not “sugar coated” any of it. This was done intentionally so as to give Hope to those of you who also are caught up using drugs. I share my “Rock Bottom” experiences with my readers to encourage others that no matter how low we go, God will meet us in our lowest places and pick us up, bring us out and set us on higher ground.


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