What to Expect

Typical Gig Duration: 60 – 90 minutes

Sherry’s charismatic style, dramatic poise and humorous deliveries is making her a much demanded facilitator who is ALWAYS requested again and again. Her practical content and compelling delivery never disappoints; audiences can sit back, relax and enjoy discussion topics including;

  • Discover or rediscover self healing and recovery
  • Discover how to accept your past and present circumstances, in the process of learning to love yourself again, even with scars
  • Identify causes and underlying issues involving substance abuse
  • Learn how to identify warning signs of drug addiction and where to go for help
  • Learn how to break the emotional addictive cycle
  • Understand consequences of teen runaway and some of the impacts of making bad choices
  • Learn how to protect yourself from Bullying
  • Learn how to protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s)
  • Learn how to prevent Unplanned Teen Pregnancy
  • Learn how to identify some consequences of dropping out of high school
  • Learn how to develop essentials to healing, self-love, self-care and self-awareness
  • Learn the effects of Sexual Abuse & Domestic Violence
  • Acknowledge the warning signs of an abusive relationship
  • Reprogram your negative thinking into positive thinking
  • Discover your purpose, talents and gifts

Additional Notes:
Sherry Graves Travel/Accommodations Details; the blanks are filled in based on what services are needed and where the service will take place. If it is a local engagement within the Atlanta metro area this portion does not apply.


  • 2 at $_____ each $_____
  • Ms. Graves and Personal Assistant/Materials Coordinator
  • Names traveling Sherry Graves and Assistant
  • ____________ Airlines
  • Departs Atlanta on______________Time___________
  • Returns to Atlanta on_______________Time___________


  • $90.-$150. (per night)
  • ___ night(s) stay
  • Hotel is in __________________________
  • Inquired with _______________________(4 listed)

Per Diem:

  • Total $_____
  • $75. per day X 2 people

Speaking engagement, workshop or seminar:

Materials Needed:

  • Podium
  • Microphone – preferably a lapel mic
  • 3 6-8 ft. tables for Books, DVD’s, CD’s, T-shirts, pamphlets etc.
    NOTE- My assistant will manage the table(s)
  • Autograph signing table for Ms. Graves


  • 1 Hour time frame set aside after the event for autograph signing
  • Waiting room with juice, fruit or light snacks, beverages
  • Speaking Engagement or Workshops – 1 hour each, Special 2 hours
  • Seminar – 2 hours with a 15 minute break. Usually 2 or 3 days

National Speaking/Book signing Tour:
Powerpoint happens first while crowd is gathering then I speak for about 15 minutes and next the book signing occurs. NOTE I need a clear white or light colored wall to project the presentation on and to hang our banner. 2-4 volunteers needed as well depending on number expected to attend. You must have at least 30 people minimum up to unlimited maximum in attendance.

To host a Speaking and Book Signing event we ask that you cover airfare for 2, hotel accomodations and per diem. Ms. Graves does not charge for speaking however a love offering or honorarium is appreciated as it helps her to continue with the ministry of this book. This event is usually free to the general public however some hosting venues may charge a reasonable fee at the host’s discretion.

Outside events:
Will require a tented area that is blocked off for crowd control and two or more 6-8 feet tables and chairs to accommodate our needs. Plenty of bottled juice/beverages and snacks.

Any additional needs will be determined based on each individual situation.